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Kenworth T610 Day Cab

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  • Models: T610 Day Cab
    Engine: X15 Euro V 485HP / 1650 LBFT TORQUE
    Gearbox: Eaton RTLO16918B
    Axle Configurations: 6X4
    8X4 Optiional
  • Model: X15 Euro V 485HP / 1650 LBFT TORQUE
    Optional: X15 Euro V 485HP - 600HP/ 1850 LBFT TORQUE
    X15 Euro V 600HP / 2050 LBFT TORQUE
    EGP Mounted in Chassis
    Exhaust: EGP Mounted Right Hand side under cab
  • Model: EATON RTLO16918B
    Optional: EATON RTLO18918B
    EATON RTLO20918B
    EATON RTLO22918B
  • Model: Ultrashift Plus FO-16E318B-MXP
    Optional: Ultrashift Plus FO-18E318B-MXP
    Ultrashift Plus FO-20E318B-MXP
    Ultrashift Plus FO-22E318B-MXP
  • Model: Dana E-14621l
    Optional: Dana 200
    Meritor MFS66-122
    Meritor MFS73
    Meritor Dual MFS66-122
  • Model: Dana DSH40P
    Optional: Dana D46-170
    Dana D50-170
    Dana D52-190
    Meritor RT40-145
    Meritor RT46-160
    Meritor RT50-160
    Meritor RT52-185
  • Type: Kenworth Airglide 400
    Optional: Kenworth Airglide 460
    Kenworth KW6-60A
    Neway AD246/10
  • Type: Drum
    Optional: Disc
  • Type: Steel Disc 10 Stud
    Optional: Alcoa 10 Stud
  • Type: Range of packages available
  • Refer to your authorised Kenworth Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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